By picking up this bottle of Simply Magic Sauce®, you helped save lives. It's that simple.
Liberty in North Korea and Flame Broiler are teaming up to help change the lives of the North Korean people. Flame Broiler is making a donation to LiNK until 12,000 bottles of Simply Magic Sauce® are sold. Check it out here & thank you for your support!
Liberty in North Korea helps North Korean refugees escape through secret rescue routes and empowers resettled North Koreans to become storytellers and agents of change. Together, we are mobilizing a movement of allies to stand with the North Korean people until they achieve their freedom.
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Roots in North Korea. Rooted in California.
Flame Broiler’s founder, Young Lee, built his business upon the principles of better living that his own father instilled in him. Young’s father, a refugee who escaped North Korea in the mid 1900’s, raised his family in South Korea. They then relocated to the US, where Young fell in love with the diverse culture of Southern California and raised a family of his own.

In 1995, Young opened his first Flame Broiler restaurant, bringing the food of his homeland to his new community. Young knew the value of freedom from his father, and has worked to extend the gift of healthy living through simple, delicious food inspired by his Korean roots.
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