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Who We Are

LiNK Teams are student and community groups located around the world. We are committed to standing with the North Korean people as they overcome one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

What We Do

We raise funds to support North Korean refugees and encourage our family and friends to join the movement. From hosting creative events in our communities to fundraising online, LiNK Teams are at the forefront of this movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LiNK Teams
How do I start a LiNK Team?
It’s as simple as filling out the LiNK Team interest form, gathering a few interested people, and registering your team as an official organization at your school. Keep an eye on your inbox because you’ll receive an email with further tips on how to get your team off the ground!
Is there a minimum of events/fundraisers that we have to have or a certain amount of money that we have to raise?
We’re big believers in autonomy and taking ownership of your own team so we don’t have a minimum number of events/fundraisers. With that said – we’ve found that having at least one event and 2 fundraisers per semester (or every 6 months) helps team members stay engaged and individuals in your community more aware of your team. There’s also no dollar amount that your team has to raise in order to qualify as a team but setting an ambitious, but attainable goal will keep your team motivated throughout the school year!

Don’t forget – There are more ways than one to measure your team’s success. Raising funds for missions is critical to LiNK’s mission but you can also measure the success of your team through the number of people who attend your events, the size of your team, and even the level of ownership each team member has for the vision and mission of LiNK. And whenever you do have an event or fundraiser, shoot us an email to [email protected] describing the event/fundraiser so that the team at HQ can hear what your team is up to!
My team wants to design, print, and possibly sell our own shirts. Are we allowed to do that?
Yes! Once you have the shirts, we’d love to see a picture of your entire team rocking them at your next big fundraiser or event. You’re representing LiNK and the movement so be sure to stay away from political messages or inappropriate words or imagery. Besides that, you’re free to use your creative muscles to design a shirt that represents both LiNK and your unique team
My school/district recently passed a policy that restricts us from sending any funds to outside organizations. What can we do?
Unfortunately, this is happening more often than you’d think. If your team raised some funds and you aren’t able to send it in, shoot us an email at [email protected] so that we can sort it out together. In the future, we’d recommend asking donors to give directly to your team page or through Facebook. You can also begin planning fundraisers outside of school hours such as a karaoke night, a yard sale, or even a Super Smash Brothers competition in a team member’s home.
Can I connect with other teams in my area?
Connection can lead to awesome collaboration opportunities and a larger audience! One of the best ways to find other teams in your area is to ask on the LiNK Team Facebook page! If nothing comes up, reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know what city and state you live in. If there are other teams in your area, we’ll do our best to connect you with them.
Can I get community service hours for LiNK Team events and fundraisers?
Yes! The steps to confirm your hours will probably go something like this:
1. You send us an email with your name, a picture from the event, how long you spent at the event, and a description of the event/fundraiser to [email protected]. If you are a LiNK team leader and would like to send in a community service request for several teammates, please include all of the participants names, their activities at the event, and how long they spent at the event.
2. Every school/district has a different system but you’ll most likely have to submit your community service hours through a service hour managing system. Submit your hours through that system. That system will probably ask for a HQ point of contact. In that case, you can have them email LiNK Teams at [email protected].
3. Your school’s community service system will send an email to [email protected] with your information.
4. When we receive both the email from you (#1) and the email from your school/district (#3), we’ll approve the hours through the email sent by your school.
How much of the funds we raise can we keep in order to pay for future team activities?
Your team can keep 15% of the funds you raise this year as seed money for the following school year.
Our team would like to have a speaker from LiNK come and speak at one of our LiNK Team events. What do I need to do to make this happen?
Start by submitting your request on the Request a Speaker page. Someone at HQ will get back to you within the week. Keep in mind that in order to host a speaker, your team must have a budget for travel and accommodations. If you want to bring on a North Korean speaker, the budget must cover both the speaker and an accompanying staff member.
I want to start a LiNK Team on my campus but there might be one that exists already. How can I check?
This is good news! It means that the movement is growing in your immediate community. Submit your information through the LiNK Team Interest Form. If there is a team on your campus, we’ll connect you with someone on that team via email. If there is no team, you’ll receive an email with information on how to get your brand new team off to an incredible start.
Can I create a team if I’m not in school?
Of course! LiNK teams are essentially groups of people who work together to raise awareness and funds to support the North Korean people. These groups can come together at a corporate office, a neighborhood book club or even a zumba class! The method and frequency of your meetings may be a little different from campus-based teams but fundamentally, your group is activating your community to stand alongside the North Korean people.
Fundraising page logistics
Can monthly, recurring gifts be made on my fundraising page?
Yes! Monthly, recurring gifts are a great way to create sustainable support for the North Korean people. When your friend or family member is making the donation, they can change the frequency of the donation to “monthly.”
Someone who donated to my fundraising page wants a receipt. How can I get one?
The donor will receive an email with a summary of their donation soon after they make their gift on your fundraising page. If the donor would like a printed copy of their receipt, send us an email at [email protected] with the donor’s name, email, and address along with the donation date and amount.
I’ve tried creating my page but it’s not working. Help!
If this is your first time creating a LiNK fundraiser page and you’re having difficulty creating your account, please send us an email at [email protected] with a description of the issue and the email you used to create the account.

If this is not your first time at the rodeo and you have had a LiNK fundraising page in the past, your account and log-in will stay the same year over year. Try resetting your password using the original email you used for your first log-in. Once you have access to your account, you’ll be prompted to create a new fundraising page.

If you are trying to create a team page but the system is telling you that you already have one, add the school year at the end of your team page name. For example: “Riverside High School LiNK 2019-2020.” If you are still having issues, please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get it resolved.
Can I fundraise on Facebook?
Yes! Fundraising on Facebook is a great way to reach more people and you can find further information here. You can also connect your LiNK fundraising page with your Facebook fundraising page so that it all adds up to your fundraising goal!
There are some other fundraisers that are being featured on social media and I’d like to be featured too! How do I go about doing that?
We love featuring creative and innovative fundraisers on social media, in impact reports, and in other LiNK publications. This gives other teams new ideas to use in their own community and it reminds all of us of just how far-reaching this movement is. The best way to send in your pictures is by emailing them to [email protected] with the name, purpose, and brief description of the event. You’ll have to send us a signed photo release form so even if the photos were taken on your phone, please send in a signed copy of the release forms along with the pictures.
Do you have any volunteer opportunities?
Not right now! But if you’re a local team, we’ll reach out to you when an opportunity comes up. Make sure you’re always checking your email and the LiNK Teams Facebook page!
I want to host an event and talk about LiNK’s work! Is there something you want me to say specifically or can I just use the language on your website?
Language is super important – especially because we’re working together to change the narrative around the North Korean people! The website is a great resource to use in preparation for your event – especially the tabs titled The People's Challenges, A Changing North Korea as well as the blog! You can also refer to the LiNK Teams Communication Guide found on the resources tab of this web page and LiNK Annual Reports, found on the Financials page of the website.
At the event I’m hosting, I’m hoping to pass out some brochures about LiNK. Where can I get those?
You can find printable resources (including a LiNK brochure) on the LiNK Teams Resources page of the website.
What’s LiNK HQ’s address?
Liberty in North Korea HQ
115 Pine Ave Ste 210
Long Beach, CA 90802
I want to visit HQ along with a few other people! How can we go about doing that?
Send us an email at [email protected] with the number of people and a few days and times that work for you. Someone from HQ will get back to you to find a time that works. These 30 minute office visits usually consist of an office tour, meeting a few HQ staff and interns, and a short Q&A session with a staff member. If you’d like to schedule a longer Q&A session, please let us know in the email and we’ll be happy to try to schedule that in as well!
Someone who donated to our fundraising page is wanting to get more involved. Who should I connect that person to?
Send that person a big thank you and connect them with us at [email protected] via email.
I’m not getting emails or updates from HQ! Where can I sign up?
If you’re a team leader and you aren’t getting any emails from us, it may be because your team hasn’t been registered. You can register your team by clicking on the 'Start a LiNK Team' button at the top of this page. As the team leader, if you know your team has been registered and you haven’t received any emails, send us an email to [email protected].
Do you have social media? Can we create our own social media page?
We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter! We also have a LiNK Teams Facebook page where teams all over the world can share ideas, post about their most recent activities, and get access to exclusive LiNK updates and giveaways. It’s a closed group so you’ll have to request access. When you gain access to the page, invite the rest of your team to join the page and start sharing your ideas and activities on that page!
Your team is also definitely welcome to create your own social media page. When you post, make sure to use #libertyinnorthkorea and tag us. It’s a great way to stay connected and spread the word about your team. You may even want to create a social media board position so that one or two people can be dedicated to using social media as a platform to reach your community.
What kind of communication should I expect from LiNK HQ?
We’ll be sending tips and ideas for maintaining your team, hosting the best events and fundraisers, and spreading the word about the North Korean people primarily through email and through the LiNK Teams Facebook page. We also do our best to find interesting and exciting ways to connect with our LiNK Team members! Keep an eye out for those opportunities.

Request a Speaker

Bring the stories of the North Korean people to your community
Bring a LiNK representative to your community to provide a more in-depth look into the lives of the North Korean people and how the audience can stand alongside them! Please read the FAQ before filling out the form below. Keep in mind that unfortunately, we’re unable to follow up with every request.
Can a North Korean come speak in my community?
While we do occasionally have opportunities to help facilitate speaking events for our North Korean friends, we can’t guarantee it will be possible. Please fill out the speaker request form and we’ll be in touch!
Who from LiNK’s staff will come speak at the event?
After filling out the speaker request form, we will be in touch to discuss the details further. After that we will determine who will be the best speaker for your event!
What do you mean by flight and accommodations?
In order to host a LiNK speaker, you will need to provide a round trip flight from Los Angeles and provide private accommodations for the speaker for every night they’re in town. We also require ground transportation covered for the speaker while in town.
How much does the honorarium have to be?
We do not have a mandatory amount. Depending on your budget and capacity, we’ll do our best to work with you. Please remember all honorariums are tax-deductible donations that help fund our work!
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