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Update: Rescues are back!

The Liberty Community passionately believes that one day, every North Korean man, woman and child will be free

This incredible community gives monthly to help bring that day forward

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Giving monthly leads to sustainable impact

The Liberty Community provides sustainable funding to ensure we have the resources to respond quickly to unforeseen challenges and to work towards long-term impact on this issue.

When each gift is combined with that of other donors, it paves the way for the North Korean people to achieve their liberty in our lifetime.

“The North Korean people deserve freedom and I have to believe that they will find it because everyone deserves freedom. It’s a cause that’s too important not to be hopeful about. It’s too important to not try. It’s too important not to make the effort and do as much as we can.”

Jasmine, Liberty Donor

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liberty donors
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liberty donors
Your monthly giving can...
Maintain rescue networks and routes, and the development of new defection strategies
Provide assistance for North Korean refugees resettling in the United States
Fund workshops and programs for resettled North Korean refugees to build their capacity
Sponsor critical scholarships for North Korean students pursuing higher education
Support the research and development of projects designed to increase North Korean people's access to technology and information inside the country

“Our involvement will all look different but our responsibility to speak out, as people living in freedom, will continue.”

Joy Kim, LiNK Advocacy Fellow, reached freedom through LiNK’s rescue route
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