Advocacy Fellows

The Advocacy Fellows Program cultivates and develops young North Korean defectors into advocates, storytellers, and agents of change on this issue

The North Korean regime has dominated the narrative both inside and outside of the country, even attempting to suppress North Korean defectors who are living in South Korea and the United States. So when a North Korean person makes the brave decision to share their story with the world, it's one of the most radical and impactful ways to change the narrative and bring the attention back to the people.

What Advocacy Fellows Do
media publicity

Working with our Media team, Advocacy Fellows help produce video content that shares their story and perspectives.


Advocacy Fellows meet with decision makers to shift their focus to where it belongs – on the North Korean people.


Advocacy Fellows share their personal stories through speaking events, interviews, and more.

Advocacy Fellows
Hannah is currently a 2nd year at Kookmin University studying Chinese Language and Literature. She hopes to make known the human rights abuses occurring in North Korea and China, share her experiences as a North Korean defector, and be a catalyst of change to help address these issues.
Harry is currently a 2nd year at Sogang University studying Political Science and Diplomacy. He hopes to show the world North Korea through his eyes. He wants to broaden his perspective on the North Korean issue and speak to a global audience about his own experiences.
Noah is currently a 3rd year at Seoul National University studying Political Science and International Relations. He hopes to bring positive change for North Korean defectors and share his story to help prepare for the reunification he really longs to see.
Nicky is currently a 4th year Nursing major. She hopes to share about her own experiences as a North Korean living in South Korea to both shed light on and help change the prejudice North Koreans face in and outside of North Korea.

"Through the Advocacy Fellows program, I became sure of my identity as an advocate for the North Korean people.

When I toured the U.S. as an Advocacy Fellow and I saw the way American young people hung onto every word of my story, I realized that I had to continue doing this work."

Ill Yong, 2018 Advocacy Fellow
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