Sold on the way to freedom

Follow the journey of a North Korean woman. Based on real events.

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At Liberty in North Korea we are working towards the day we don’t have to tell stories like this one

Every year, thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape their country. But even if they make it to China, they are not safe. North Korean women are often trafficked and sold. Their best chance of reaching freedom is through a 3,000 mile journey. That’s where you come in. You can help North Korean refugees reach freedom using our modern-day underground railroad.
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The Red Zone

Joy was trafficked in an area we call "The Red Zone". This dangerous border region in China is notorious for its heightened security, increased surveillance, and financial incentives for locals who report North Korean refugees. 

For North Korean women like Joy, this is where many of them disappear into forced marriages or the sex industry.
In The Red Zone, a few hours can be the difference between being sold or reaching freedom. Every moment counts.

With the help of Liberty in North Korea, Joy was eventually able to escape and make it safely to South Korea.

Give now to help rescue and empower refugees in some of the most dangerous hours of their lives before they’re sold as brides or arrested and sent back to North Korea.

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We’ve helped over 1,200 North Koreans safely reach freedom. But that’s only possible because of the incredible support we receive from people just like you.

Liberty in North Korea is committed to working with the North Korean people to achieve their liberty. We work directly with North Korean refugees because of the humanitarian imperative, but also because of their potential as some of the most effective agents of change on this issue.

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